InTech O-V-R Navigate Walkthrough

All right, So we’re going to today we’re going to show you the InTech O-V-R Navigate. Now, if there was ever a trailer built for a lifetime, it’s one of these are built one at a time. They build them from the ground up. Everything’s a welded aluminum framing with fiberglass. And then actually, the the roof is aluminum also. So not a rubber roof. These things are awesome.

So upfront here you got outside, kitchen pulls out, and then that out of the way it’s actually table hooks on the outside there. So you got extra storage for your cooking material. It’s got a 12 volt cooler, keeps everything cold, runs off the battery. Oh, actually my wife came off of it. We can go grab another piece of tape if we need to. It’s all good. So we got the table that comes off here, off the cooler, and it hooks on to the side. So you get a prep area and everything, and then you got a 12 volt cooler. Keeps everything cold for you. Then we’ll just slide this back in here. And then you got on the side here, you got extra storage. You had a quick disconnect under there for water and it comes with the hose, the little sprayer and it comes with the oversize off road tires. So you want to take this thing up in the woods and you got storage in the back. I love how they put the diamond plate. So it protects all around the trailer from rock chips and stuff.

You got your hot water heater and you got your water fill your city water connection. You got a sprayer hose here, another one for a showerhead or whatever you want to use it for. You got a little storage on this side, the outside kitchens on the other side. But you got storage in here, too. And then if you notice, they build all their own framing. So everything’s aluminum and everything’s welded things built like a tank in here. Your propane tanks are all stored nicely out of the weather. You got power tongue jack and your spare tires mounted up on front. And we’ll go inside here and give you a bigger entry handle to climb into this thing. You know, when you walk in this thing, you can just tell how well this thing’s built. It’s incredible.

So you got the soft-close cabinets, you got the farm style sink with a two burner stove, microwave convection oven down below. It’s all led lighting throughout, comes with a bigger fridge. You got lots of storage, too. Lots of cabinets around. Big cabinet here. Nice big pantry everything’s rounded. So this is really cool. So you got the bathroom on one side. Nice big bathroom, toilet area, and you actually have your own shower on the other side. Nice big shower. Give you an idea. I’m 6’3” and 275 and I mean, I fit in here. I mean, this is just crazy. You don’t find any wet baths this big. So very roomy and up front you got the walk around bed the You really got storage. You got storage over here on this side. Storage up here. Storage above the bed on both sides. There’s got the skylights. You can lay and look at the stars. Look at the stars when you’re in bed. And it comes with a fantastic fan in the bedroom. So it’ll blow. It’ll suck out air, blow air in, and then all your ac ducted through the trailer. So if you guys really want a trailer that’s going to last a lifetime, these InTech travel trailers, you can’t beat them. They’re top, top, top of the line for sure. So come down and see us at Mid America RV in Carthage, MO, home of the lifetime rv warranty!

We hope you enjoyed this InTech O-V-R Navigate walkthrough!

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