2023 Coachmen RV Brookstone 352RLD

Hi, guys. This is Josh with Mid-America RV in Carthage, Missouri. I want to talk to you about some of our new Brookstone’s that are coming in now. This one behind me is the 352 RLD, which is a new couple’s coach that they came out with It’s a really cool floor plan, loads of space and some unique features that we don’t really see on a lot of trailers. We’re going to start outside. You’re going to notice this is a full profile wide body trailer. So tons of space, lots of headroom inside, lots of width inside, and they match that up with these really, really deep slide out. So it’s going to give us a lot of interior and exterior usable space like we’ve got here with this outside kitchen. plenty of storage, overhead storage up here, plus your fridge, you’ve got power outlet out here. So bring out more appliances, come out here with your little portable grill, things like that. It’s a great space to cook. It’s also going to be covered by the awning because we have the awning built on to the slide out. We’ve also got the extra protection on the door that’s going to be over the top. Over here, we’ve got our entertainment center so you can put a TV in here. It’s already prepped for satellite or cable, and then you get your power right there. So you want to bring one from inside out. You can otherwise permanently put one right there. Always have it with you. Another great feature on our Brookstone, Since this is a drop frame in the front, we’re going to have a really, really, really big basement in this. So tons of space, plenty of height. If you look in here, you can see not only our floor studs that are double welded on each each stud, but also the thermal foil wrap that they put underneath the flooring to insulate the interior of the trailer from the exterior. You also see this nice rubberized diamond plating down here. It’s very durable, easy to keep clean. So if you do get something, spilled on it. You’re good to go. So this is really where this coach shines. Loads and loads and loads of space in here and lots of storage. So we’ll start here. You’ve got a coat closet right here. Hooks on the top and down low. Lots of pantry storage. They added this little coffee hutch as well. So you’ve got a place where you can have a coffee maker all the time, but an ice maker over here, if you want to. You’ve got a lot of flexibility here because you’ve got power up here. Plus the storage underneath got our entertainment center that is right across from us theater seats and also back here by our sofa. The sofa will pull out and do another bed. So you’ve got company staying over. You’ve got an extra place for them to sleep. this is becoming more and more popular. You get the comfort of stools. Plenty of space here if you’re just using this as a countertop or you can use it as a table, whatever you want to do. we also get a lot of natural light in here. We’ve got it kind of dimmed down at the moment, but you’ve got three windows in that slide out, three more windows along the back here. You’ve got a window behind your coffee hutch window at the end of the table behind the stove. So you’ve got lots of ways to have natural light in here without turning on all the interior lighting. We’ve got the new insignia for burner oven and stovetop. So more space than your typically going to see in an RV. And this is going to work much more like a residential oven. So if you’re used to baking and stuff at home, this is going to be closer to what you’ve had before rather than in an RV style ovens we’ve had in the past ever chilled fridge got the dual freezer drawers. This is super handy because if you’re not running an ice maker on the counter, you can put bags of ice in this one tray So you’ve always got it handy and then still use the second drawer for your frozen foods and then of course your sink with the matching sink covers overhead storage, plenty of storage underneath. Now, up here in the bathroom, we’ve got a great residential sized shower. We’ve got a linen closet off to the left. You’ve got hooks for robes, towels, things like that on the back wall and a porcelain toilet, porcelain sink and a little vanity medicine cabinet, going to raise the bar quite a bit is this bedroom. So we’ve got not only a king size bed, but we’ve got a desk, we’ve got mirrors. So whether this is being used like my wife would easily use this as a vanity versus me, get to use it as my office. closet space over here as well as washer dryer prep in here, and it’s already prep to the wardrobe also. You can use that as storage right away if you’re not going to put a washer dryer in. And then besides all the drawers that are on the the desk, we have hidden storage in the top of this dresser and then four nice tall drawers here as well as storage underneath the bed. well, also sent the new three air conditioners. So we’ve got one in the bedroom, one in the middle of the couch, one all the way in the back in the living room. when you’ve got a trailer this big hot days like we’ve been having this summer, it’s nice to be able to run all three of those units, keep the keep it nice and cool inside, this is the Brookstone 352 RLD in stock at Mid-America RV. Come out and see us in Carthage or look at it online at midamericarv.com

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