2024 Keystone RV Sprinter Limited 3900DBL

Hi, guys. It’s Josh with Mid-America RV in Carthage, Missouri. I want to take a few minutes to visit with you about this new Sprinter floor plan. It’s only been out about a year. It’s the 3900 DBL. It’s a great bunkhouse for a family, especially if you need a lot of sleeping or if you just don’t want to be sharing one bathroom area with multiple people. We’ll start outside being a Sprinter. This is a wide body, so we’ve got a nice sized coach already. It’s going to give us lots of interior space. But also with this basement storage here, you’ve got lots of exterior space, you’ve got storage in the nose as well. So you’re going to have lots of room to get everything in here while we’re in. You can also see our in command system so we can troubleshoot electrical issues in the trailer. And you’ll also see our aluminum studs for the flooring that are welded on both sides. Not every manufacturer does that. So make sure you’re looking for that in your next trailer. Got some nice little magnetic catches up here and then slam latches for the cargo area. So that way it’s easy to make sure everything’s secure, get our key TV plugs here. So you’ve got satellite and cable that’s boosted from the other side of the trailer and power outlets out here. So if you want to bring your TV entertainment outside your can we step back on the side? You’ll also notice we’ve got not one, not two, but we have three awnings on this couch. So your entry way is covered, your slide out’s covered. So you can have those windows open on a rainy day. And then also the rear area where your your outside kitchen and your second entry door are also covered with that third awning. Let’s come inside and take a look at some of the features in this floorplan. Now, you’ll notice right away this is a very spacious living area. They’ve done a great job of taking this to really deep slide outs, putting them across from each other, giving you your TV area, across from your theater seating. You’ve got your dining table right over here with your kitchen area. And what we really love with this is all the counter space you get. So you’ve got counters here, you’ve got counters over there with an outlet so you can run coffee maker or other small appliances, things like that. We’ve got a window back here to give us some nice natural light. We’ve even got a TV that can go down into the entertainment center. So that way if you need extra space here to set anything or if you just want the extra light from the window that’s behind it, you can put that TV away. We’ve got our newer Furion home theater system for your audio. And of course we’ve got our electric heater/fireplace, keeps it nice and cozy in here on a cool morning. It’s nice to help take the nip off without running a lot of gas through your furnace. As we spin around, you’re going to see cabinet space everywhere. So gobs of storage. We’ve got more cabinet space over here as we head into the bunk room. And then again, cabinets galore. Lots of space and then obviously, lots of sleeping space. We’ve got a loft bunk here. We’ve got a bunk up here. We use a collapsible aluminum ladder to get into these. And we’ve also got a bunk here. They can tip up or tip down depending on how much room you need. And this is also converted to another sleeping space. So it really makes this one shine. Besides all the storage and sleeping area is they also have their own full bathroom back here. So you’ve got a full tub and shower, you’ve got a sink with a vanity, you’ve got a medicine cabinet, got a toilet, and there’s even an extra entry door over here. So if someone just needs a run in and go to the bathroom, they don’t have to traipse all the way through your trailer just to go in, relieve themselves and get right back out. As we come back up here, couple of things that I kind of went past. We’ve got our newer fridge set up, so you’re on a 12 volt fridge. It’s much more efficient, much more user friendly, and you’re not going to have some of the issues or even warranty problems that we’ve had with the older style RV fridges in the past. So these are going to be very, very nice to have. And then over here we’ve got the larger oven with the three burner Furion stove top there and extra storage underneath there for your your pots and pans. One little detail they did do this year is we’re doing this two tone solid service counter. So just gives you a little bit of pop on that island versus what we have on the rest of the cabinets. Coming up to the top deck. We’ve got a great bathroom in here. So you’re talking about a nice dual vanity setup, nice size shower, more of a residential feel, and then you have a nice big linen closet. So you have a place to keep towels, bedding, things like that, all your toiletries and a massive cabinet underneath that that dual vanity set up. Last but not least, we’ve got a nice big bedroom suite up here for whoever staying up top. You’ve got a king size bed in the slide out. We’ve also got a large wardrobe and either use this as another closet, but it’s already prepped for a washer and dryer. So you’ve got your your water lines here, your electrical just vents out the side. Super convenient if you’re going to be on the road a lot. If you’ve got a family where you’ve got four or five or six people You don’t want to be spending a lot of time in the laundromat or things like that when you’re when you’re traveling with one of these. So you’ll also notice got lots of drawer space here. And of course, plenty of storage underneath the bed as well. So Sprinter really hit it out of the park with this one. So just to recap, you’ve got two full bedrooms, one’s a bunk room that’s got multiple sleeping spaces, one’s a king bed suite, you’ve got two full bathrooms. Master is a dual vanity, lots of storage space. The one in the back is still a full bathroom, so they’ve got a separate entrance that they can go in and out without going through the trailer. And they’ve got everything they need. And then you’ve got a great big living area. So everybody has a place to come in here, hang out, enjoy time together. If the weather’s bad, you’ve got a place to kind of get to. If you want to cook, you have all kinds of prep space, lots of cabinet space. This thing has so many cabinets, it’s just unreal. So come check it out. 3900 DBL from Sprinter. It’s right here at Mid-America RV in Carthage.

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