2024 Forest River RV Cherokee Black Label 265GDKB

Hey, guys, it’s Josh with Mid-America RV in Carthage, Missouri. Wanted to talk to you about a great new thing that’s coming in now, which is these Cherokee Black Label Fifth Wheels. Now, for a long time, we haven’t really had anything that people would consider affordable and a new fifth wheel. But what we’re talking about here are trailers that you should be able get financed right around $400 a month with 10% down. And that includes our exclusive RV warranty forever coverage. So come take a look at this thing. You notice outside, we’ve got some cool features. We’ve got a nice high gloss fiberglass. So it’s going to not only look good, but it’s going to be easier to keep clean over time. We’ve got this really cool frameless windows so they don’t have those weird bubble seals that you have to maintain over time. Get a nice long awning that covers not only the entry door but also our outside kitchen area that has a real top, a fridge, an outside shower and an icemaker all built in there. And at the back we’ve got some additional storage so you don’t have to put everything in that front storage compartment. You’ve got that space back there as well. Let’s come inside and take a look. Now, what we love with this trailer is they’ve done a great job of getting a lot of space out of a single slide fifth wheel. So you’ll notice it’s nice and open in here. Got plenty of room. I’ve got one customer that actually got a little island that they put in here that they can kind of move around and use for utility. We got another one that put an ottoman over here so that a place to kick their feet up when they’re sitting on the couch. But tons of space and loads of great Cherokee features. So things like our shades that can go from a privacy shade to like a daytime shade, or he can open them all the way. nice new hardware on all the cabinets, makes them really easy to open and close. Solid surface countertop as always on these Black Labels. So that’s nice, clean look, more durable, heat resistant. over here we’ve got our three burner cooktop and right below that is the new couture microwave convection and air fryer. So you’ve got three different ways you can cook with this appliance right here. It’s going to be a great feature moving forward with Cherokee. single opening farmhouse style. It’s like a black stainless steel sink with a pull down sprayer, lots of cabinet space overhead and down below we’ve got a couple of nice pullout drawers, including the one with the wastebasket. Here we really handy. then back in the back we’ve got double over double bunk and some extra storage underneath, whether it’s for for clothes, toys, shoes, whatever. You got storage back there for the kids and then they’ve still got cabinet space back here and then lots of windows. So you’ve got a nice tall window there, plus two windows and a third one down here in the bunk space as well. this area. We’ve also got a sofa that’ll jackknife into another bed to get an extra sleeping space. Here we got this nice big U-shaped dinette, which will also convert into another bed. And then you’ve got nice deep drawers on both sides so you don’t have to, like, try to reach up underneath that booth as we come up here to the top deck. I’ve got a great bathroom. It’s got same feature that you’re used to seeing with Black Label, which is our four head shower system. So you can customize the way the water’s coming out, gives you a lot more flexibility than most RV showers. You’ve got nice porcelain toilet, also a nice base in there and storage below and a nice big medicine cabinet up top Another great thing is the way they’ve laid out this bedroom so we don’t have a slide out. So we’ve got to put the bed what we call North to South. But what that allows us to do is have storage space on both sides. We’ve even got built in charger over here. So it’s got like USB plugs, things like that. You’ve got your reading lights overhead storage, but something that you typically do not see in a trailer this size is going to be this wardrobe closet. So they’ve taken a little bit of the bathroom space and added this big closet. And what’s nice is we actually have washer, dryer prep in here that is almost unheard of in a trailer this size. So if you’re going to be traveling on long trips or just going to have a lot of people and you want to be able to always keep laundry clean, that’s an awesome feature that you don’t typically see in the size or in this price point. So you’re looking at a trailer that can get into for about $400 month. That’s technically light enough that if you had a properly set up half time, you could tow this trailer. So you don’t need a big truck to pull it. And it’s got a lot of great features that you’re not going to see in anything else for this price. So come to Mid America RV here in Carthage, we’ve got these in stock all the time. Grab Scott, grab Tony, grab me. Will be happy to show you around. you can also check us out online any time you want. midamericarv.com

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