2023 Forest River RV Timberwolf Black Label 39DLBL

I’m Tony Bryant with Mid-America RV. And today, we’re going to be looking at the Cherokee Timberwolf Black Label. This is known as the 39DLBL and that’s dual living the Black Label. If you’ll notice, this is where you pick up their high gloss, fiberglass-sided units. These are really nice looking because they come in and put in the frameless windows and doors, glass doors. Real nice look to it. Got a lot of sheen to it. This is a destination trailer. So this is not something that you’re going to be telling across the country if you’ve got a Lake Lord or a place to put it. And it’s going to be there. And this is your home away from home or whatever that looks like for you. It’s got two entries, so the main entry will be here. These are removable steps. So if you wanted to remove this and build a deck up to it, very easy to do. Okay. As we do the walk around, you’re going to notice this has three slides. So it has two opposing slides here in the rear living. Okay, This opens up a lot of room inside. You can see how big these slides are. You’ve got three windows in this one slide, so you get a lot of light. As you move around this unit, you’ll see even more windows. So when we go inside, when you have the blinds up, it’s a real open, airy footprint. Again, opposing slides. So that gives you a lot more room on your interior. And then you’ll notice the slide out front that your bedroom slide. So this gives you a lot more room up front. You got plenty of room to walk around the bed, opens it up for more closet storage and that kind of thing. All your traditional hookups, outdoor shower, extra storage, as you can see, it squared off up front. So again, this is a destination trailer. So you can tell it, but it’s not really designed to be towed across country. It needs to go somewhere and that’s where it’s going to stay for the most part. Let’s go inside and check it out. So we have a sliding glass door for the main entry. So as you come into the coach, you’re coming in to the main living and kitchen area. You’ll see this got a lot of room. You’ve got your dining table here, comfortable seating here, these recline trifold couch here. So this will make into a bed. And but when you turn around, look at what they’ve done here. A lot of times in the past you’ve had a darker wood or whatnot. This is a lighter wood look. But they’ve wanted that kind of lodge look. Okay. You’ll see the brick up here. This gives it a nice touch. Surround your entertainment center. You’ve got the fireplace lots of storage, residential heating ducts in the floor. By the way, this. This coach will heat and cool. It’s a Four Seasons trailer. Zebra blinds. These are really cool because you can adjust the amount of light that you want in, and that’s on all the windows. So that’s a nice feature. They put some cabinetry up here, give you a little extra storage and that’s very functional. It’s out of the way. Doesn’t interfere with anything. As you turn around and move in to the kitchen here, obviously you’ve got your island and a lot of pantry storage. You’ll see all the drawers. I mean, this is really like a kitchen at home. It’s got a lot of space to it. Solid countertops, residential fridge, freezer. You’ve got an extra storage closet here. This has a washer and dryer hook up as well, along with pantry storage there. So you can do a combo unit, you can do a stackable unit as far as a washer and dryer. You’ve got a couple of options there. So that’s nice. Out of the way. Plenty of head room. You’ll see the blue lighting, the accent lighting throughout the couch really adds a nice touch. From there, we’ll move to the bathroom. You’ve got a nice vanity medicine cabinet, upgraded shower glass doors on the shower. Again, this is going to feel more like home than being in a travel trailer. But what’s really cool is the way they design their bulk system up here. So you’ve got a stairway that goes up into the right will be a bunk area. This will sit over the main bedroom and then directly across it is another one, you notice, just got the railing going to the room. So very safe for children. This is not just for bunks, though. You might have you might need some extra storage. You put stuff in the clear tubs, whatever. I think you can get up here and pan around and look at this. This is a as you go up in here, you’ll see that’s a very large loft area. So if you’ve got guests coming over grandkids, whatever, you’ve got a really cool place to put them. you’ve also got this space here which can also be used for additional sleeping or again, storage windows all throughout. So you get a lot of natural light. These windows do open so you can get air flow in here. then from there we’re going to step into the main bedroom. you can actually move around in here. You’ve got a lot of cabinet space, you’ve got place to put everything USB ports, nice wardrobe, Again, wood cabinetry, lots of storage here. So having that slide in the bedroom really opens this up. And then you’ve also got another entryway. This door out here with steps going out. So the awning out front. This is one of the largest awnings you can get. And this will cover this whole area. So we were talking earlier when we started to enter into the cabin, if someone wanted to put a deck out here, you’ve literally got an awning that can go over your deck. It’s a full size awning. So, yeah, this is the Cherokee Timberwolf, Black Label 39DLBL. destination trailer. My name’s Tony with Mid-America RV. Come out and see us. You can reach us here. Reach me here at 501-366-4900. If you need any other information, give me a call. Thanks for visiting today.

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