2023 Coachmen RV Chaparral Lite 235RK

Hey, guys. Tony Bryant with Mid-America RV. Hey, I want to introduce the Chaparral Lite series to you. So this is the 235RK and there’s quite a bit of call for a coach this size because with this size, fifth wheel in the weight class it’s in, it can be pulled behind most standard pickups. So this one comes in at 6,900 pounds. So you don’t need a big Dually or a big three quarter ton truck to actually move this around safely. So that creates a lot of options for people that have a standard truck. It’s got all the traditional features you would find large basement. So there’s plenty of storage, easy hook up, outdoor shower storage up front. comes with your Girard hot water system. So this is instant hot water. The model’s the 235RK. So, again, that stands for rear kitchen. you can see a lot of counter space, a lot of cabinetry. You’ve got a nice sized fridge in here. Again, the idea is to keep the weight down. You’ve got a nice bar here to sit and eat it right across from that. You’ve got this nice couch. This is also a tri fold and fold out. And here’s your entertainment center directly across. Everything’s lined up perfect. This is a couples trailer. Okay, so there’s no bunks. But you do have the option of sleeping someone else here. So that gives you some extra room. You’ll see the storage underneath the cabinets and everything there. You have a large pantry storage here. Storage up around your TV. I like the way they’ve done the blinds in. This instead of the push up blinds. Chaparral does a nice job with their bathrooms. You got glass doors here on your shower. Nice vanity. this is a bedroom that you can walk around, get around the bed, and you’ve got a hidden closet here. And as you look in there, you’ll see that it’s got drawers to put things in your hanging rod. So that’s a nice touch the way they did this. And of course, you’ve got the storage up above the bed. So electrical outlets, USB ports, whatever you need to operate in here, you can. Built on a smaller scale, lightweight designed to pull behind a more traditional 1500 series truck. It’s built to be functional, built to be at a great price point. And again, you don’t have to go out and spend $100,000 on a new truck to tow it. So this is the Chaparral. 235 RK, again. My name is Tony with Mid-America RV. You can reach me directly at 501-366-4900. Thank you for stopping by today.

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