Black Label Cherokee 306

Hey, guys.

Welcome to the Mid-America RV here in beautiful Carthage, Missouri.

Today, we’re going to feature the Black Label Cherokee. 306.

This is a luxury trailer.

There’s a lot of amenities. As you can see.

It’s got your fiberglass sides, outdoor cook station, double entry, lots of storage, just a beautiful unit, really dressed up to get a nice light package on this both inside and out.

It’s got two slides on it.

When we go inside this unit, you’re going to notice that this is a an RV that feels like home. It’s it’s the kind of travel trailer that when you get there, you know, it says luxury. It’s just got luxury written all over it.

Beautiful machine. Real light and airy inside.

You can see all the windows. These are frameless windows, by the way. Those are real popular.

It’s got your storage rack on the back. This is something you can take your whole family, have another couple, and still have plenty of room to entertain.

When we get to the inside, you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a it’s really designed for comfort.

And notice the blue light underneath the awning. That’s something that Cherokee does throughout their line. They have a lot of accent lighting.

Again, outdoor kitchen. You’ve got your stove fridge. You even got an icemaker here.

Come on inside.

So when I said home away from home, it truly is home away from home.

So you’ve got two nice couches. Both of these make into sleepers. You’ve got your recliners here, residential heating ducts, two AC units, upgraded blinds system. These are really nice. So you can control the light that you’re lighting in. You’ll see the accent lighting throughout the unit really adds a nice touch to it.

Plenty of windows with screens. So if it’s not too hot outside this unit are really let a lot of air flow through here. This is nice to have in this bar. So this entertains Well, you’ve got bar stools here, you got your dinette here. This also will make into a sleeper if you need it. Plenty of storage there. Nice sized fridge, complete appliance package, large sink. So if you like to prep and cook, you can cook both inside and out.

Then we move into headed towards the bedroom. This is really a nice bathroom and you’ll notice the detail like in the shower.

When I said it feels like home away from home. You can see why. Lots of room. Plenty of head room. If you’re tall, you can get in there and take a shower.

Then we move into the bedroom and this is really a nice bedroom because you’ve got plenty of storage, you got your wardrobe hangers, but you’ve got extra storage here as well with wardrobe. So there’s plenty of storage, plenty of room to walk around the bed. That’s always a big thing. So you actually move around in this unit.

And if you guys remember all the units that we offer here at Mid-America RV, all of our new ones come with our exclusive RV warranty forever. So things like the AC, the heating, the plumbing, the LP gas system, many components are covered for as long as you guys own it. And there’s no cost to you, no deductible if you need to use it. It’s just really a lifetime of confidence. So you don’t have to worry about things if they do go wrong.

So yeah, this is the Black Label Cherokee 306. I invite you to come out and take a look at it.

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