2024 Keystone RV Springdale Classic 260BHC

Hey, folks, this is Scott with Mid-America RV in Carthage, Missouri, home of the nationwide lifetime warranty. Today, we’re going to talk about a brand new Springdale 260 classic. It’s one of the best selling floor plans ever I’ve been or 18 years and I’ve sold ton of these trailers there. They’re really well built really good quality and very affordable. So I’m going to show you this trailer first. On the front, you got dual propane tanks. got a power tongue jack. tremendous pass through storage in the front. It’s all open. And you got doors on both sides, which is really nice. power stabilizer jacks with with this one as well as a power awning. It is have the it is solar flex ready. So that’s for a solar panel on the roof. And then you have outside speakers. You’ve got plug ins for a TV outside and then you’ve got extra outlets on the outside as well, tinted windows. And this one actually has storage back here. Again, really nice sized storage back in the back of this one. You get a spare tire and a carrier and it comes with it. And this this one does have a walkable roof. It does have a rear ladder prep so you can get the expandable ladder you hook into there. It touches the ground, it’s rated for 330 pounds. and then you have the backup camera prep so you can get a backup camera. And it just goes right in there. You’re black and gray. Tanks are easy to get to right there. Your factory provided power cord will go right there. And one new thing they’re doing with these trailers is the endless hot water. So you’ve got the tankless water heater. And as long as you have water, you get your hot water the whole time. So you don’t have to take a real quick shower. But that’s a really nice feature. It gets hot fast and and you get hot water as long as you want. So that’s really nice. Now, as I mentioned before, this is a very affordable trailer. If you put a little bit of money down, probably something like this, you can get into for under $200 a month. And that will that will come with a lifetime warranty on it, too, which is awesome. So this has the the RV queen bed up front with the storage on both sides. You have outlets on both sides, and then you get a nice open area here. So it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. There’s very open feeling. You have a couch here as well that’s actually going to fold down into a bed. So you can use that as a bed as well. Then you also have your your dinette booth. It also makes down to a bed, huge sink, upgraded cabinetry. Now they’ve got some really nice cabinets home. This is a 2024 model. You get your microwave huge refrigerator here. This is a 12 volt refrigerator freezer and on top of the fridge on the bottom. You have double bunks in the back. Okay. And you can these are rated for 300 pounds each. So that’s a really good rating on them. They’re not flimsy. They’re really going to hold up well. And you’ve got an outlet there a light here, an outlet in the back to you, outlets on both sides. And then you’ve got a really nice bathroom. a nice open shower, easy to get into to get around toilet and has got sink back here and then outlets back here as well. So just to kind of talk a little bit more about the lifetime warranty comes with any new one that you buy from us. But an example of that, this refrigerator, if you’re going to if you have to replace, is going to be about $2,000. This is cover for life. This air conditioner going to probably run you about $1,500 covered for life? Okay. And there’s a lot of other things that are covered. Not everything, but a lot of the major stuff is. And that’s a huge value. So if you’re looking at buying a new trailer, make sure you kind of Mid-America RV, You got some really good deals right now. So check us out. My number is 417-317-2372. My name is Scott. Thank you.

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