2024 inTech RV Terra Magnolia

Hey, guys, this is Scott with Mid-America RV in Carthage, Missouri, home of the nationwide lifetime warranty. And today, we are going to show you the brand new inTech Magnolia. It’s a new floor plan that just came out. And it’s right around 20 feet long and weighs about 5,000 pounds. So all of our inTech products will all come with a lifetime warranty and including the Flyers and the Magnolia and the Sols and O-V-Rs, they all come with a lifetime warranty. I’m going to start out by showing you this does have the power tongue jack. It has the enclosed propane tanks so they’re not exposed out here. Two propane tanks in here. This has a beautiful tilt forward design with this big, huge window on the front. So you get a really nice view wherever your parked. It does come with a cover for it. So when you’re traveling, this will protect the window. This one is going to come with this nice storage in the front. And they just came out with these new steps. Everybody loves these new steps. This actually has what they call the rover package on it. So it’s going to give you a little more clearance than the basic model. That’s that’s something that a lot of people like. They like that package on their the awning is a power awning, a very nice awning, too. So it’s got the buttons inside here. And put it out, you use this one button and it goes out You also have an LED light on the end of it. You push a button and it’ll turn that on, so it’ll just go ahead and put itself all the way out there. Now, at night, let’s say it’s this dark outside, it’s nighttime. You’re like, Oh, I need to put the awning in. All you have to do, there’s a button says, “Close” and “Off”, it’ll turn a light off
and it’ll put awning in all by itself. That’s really neat. Coming over to the outside kitchen area, they are giving you a new quick connect for the water, and they are providing a 25 foot expandable hose. And that’s for fresh water. So you can use it out here where the outside kitchen area is. Tremendous storage. They didn’t have this and some of the other models, but really nice storage underneath there. This outside kitchen is going to come with storage for spices. It has the griddle as well. The griddle is going to hook up to the propane line right over here. And then you have the 12 volt refrigerator that you can do whatever temperature you want to do on that. That’s optional. These are optional. But on this one, we actually brought this in very well equipped. So also with the Rover package, you get the bumper guards in the back. That’s neat. If you want to strap stuff to it or even like it just protects the trailer. If you were to back into something that’s going to maybe protect the body of the trailer, they also provide a receiver here that’s rated for 175 pounds. A lot of people will put bicycles or electric bikes. I’ll put it on the receiver on the back. So that’s really handy. It has a backup camera prep on the back as well. So over here, a brand new thing they’re doing now inTech’s Going to start to do some of this stuff is the tankless on demand water heater. So basically you have hot water. As long as you have water, you have hot water as long as you want it. So that’s a really neat upgrade. And then you do have the fresh water fill and the fresh water connection right here. console comes with a factory 30 amp power cord. You have hookups for cable
or satellite as well. you also have a solar prep. So you can you can do a standalone solar panel and put it out here. If you want to do that for extra, extra juice. So let’s take a look inside. So what the first thing you see when you come in to the front of the trailer is this huge window and this big, huge dinette and the neat thing about this is you actually have a large table instead of a really small table, have a large table and it moves so you can get in here and sit down. Okay. This also comes with a smaller pedestal right here. So this table top can actually lower and then you fill it in with cushions and it makes a big bend. All the cabinets, the cabinet doors are all soft, close, really nice feature there. And the drawers are the same way. This comes with a large sink. Very nice feature here. And then you do have a sink cover or strainer that comes with it as well. Nice privacy shades throughout the cooktop. Now this kitchen is back. This oven is actually like an oven, or you can use it as a microwave or you can use it as convection and actually grill stuff as well. So multipurpose, which is really nice, really nice storage underneath there. That’s huge storage down there. Again, soft closed doors. You have a TV in this area and you’re going to have another one and a bedroom as well. Battery disconnect. This is where all your fuzes and breakers are at. Nice storage here and these drawers come out and big drawers and then those will soft clothes as well. You’ve got a 12 volt refrigerator. It’s going to it’s going to work very well. It gets colder faster, stays colder longer
and it has more space in. It’s a really nice refrigerator. They are providing you with a vent, a fan, and it actually has the rain sensor on it. So if you do leave the trailer and it starts raining, it’ll actually close itself. That’s a that’s a neat option. So like some of the other in tech products, this has the nicest wet bath that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been selling tried for 18 years and it has nicest wet bath on the market in my opinion. And so you have the toilet, the shower and everything and it’s one area so really high end really nice option there coming into the bedroom area. You have more storage here. You actually have a place to hang clothing. So that’s a nice setup there. Again, you have your privacy shades, accent lighting, windows on both sides, window back there, more storage and a really nice upgraded mattress does have the marine grade flooring as well, which is a high end flooring is actually very easy to keep clean. but to learn more about this product and learn more about our lifetime warranty, you can give us a buzz. My number is 417-317-2372. My name is Scott. Thanks for watching the video.

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