2023 InTech

Hey, guys, it’s Josh with a Mid-America RV, and I wanted to give you a quick update. Mid-summer 2023 on InTech travel trailers. Now, we’ve had some exciting stuff in recent years. We’ve had the Terra line come out now the OVRs, and we’ve actually had a brand new product that’s going to launch later on this month and believe we’re getting a sneak peek at it. And it should be a smaller version of what we’re sitting in right now. So for that, we’ll get you more details as that’s released to the public. For now, everything’s kind of hush hush. I did want to let you know we do have a full line of InTech products in stock now. So we have Terras in multiple trims, regular and Rovers. We’ve got all three in the OVR floor plans right now, so you can come and check those out. We’ve got all of the Flyer floor plans and we have eclipse and Horizons on Sols with some Dawns on the way. So something here for everybody, all sizes, all shapes, all weights. They’re all equipped a little bit differently. Oh, and I forgot the Lunas. We have some Lunas in stock as well. So anything at all in the InTech line that you’re wanting to check out We’ve got it here right now and we’ve got plenty more in store for you because we’ve got new stuff coming 2024s have just started landing. I think our first one was the OVR Expedition that came in this week. So going to see some new stuff coming in. Check us out at midamericarv.com. And then words are hard, or come out a lot in Carthage. We’re just east of Joplin. We’re just a short hour drive from Springfield, northwest Arkansas. Hour and a half from Tulsa. Definitely make it worth your your trip to come see us. Check out all the InTech products and see why they’re just a grade above everything else.

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